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We are a leading knowledge, communication and information company connecting business-to-business professionals by building and sustaining global communities, solving their information needs and helping them to develop their professional life and friendships


Next to news delivery on a daily basis, our online team covers the whole scope of online services, ranging from News Updates and digital magazines to service apps, the Buyers’ Guides+Online and videos. Also including a 24/7 content feed for diverse social media channels.


Our KCI live team organises targeted events, both globally and regionally, where professionals can meet and exchange ideas and information. These platforms include conferences, summits, seminars, exhibitions, master classes and plant tours. Often augmented with social events.


We publish magazines, newspapers, special publications and industrial reports. Including global media like Valve World, Pump Engineer and Stainless Steel World. And tailored products for specific regions like the German- and Chinese-speaking market and the Americas.


Our research department helps to meet the markets’ increasing need for the resolution of complex technological and informational challenges. We can count on the assistance from global specialists and editors, comprehensive archives and specialised databases.


Find below a selection of our events.

september 2018

19sep - 20All DayManaging Aging Plants Conference & Exhibition China 2018
19sep - 20All DayFugitive Emissions Summit China 2018

october 2018

9oct - 10All DayDuplex World Seminar & Summit 2018
16oct - 17oct 1608:30oct 17Hose + Coupling World Conference & Expo 2018

november 2018

13nov - 14All DayStainless Steel World Americas Conference & Exhibition 2018
13nov - 14All DayManaging Aging Plants USA Conference & Exhibition 2018
27nov - 29nov 2701:00nov 29Valve World Conference & Expo Germany 2018
27nov - 29nov 2701:00nov 29Pump Summit 2018



The Community, domain and knowledge center for flow control and stainless steel professionals

OUR CLIENTS – serving 24/7, any place, any time

KCI focuses on the process industries worldwide, covering many aeras such as chemical, offshore, onshore, power generation, food and beverage, pharmaceutical, oil & gas, petrochemical, pulp & paper and marine applications. We have established widely recognised brands like Valve World, Stainless Steel World, , Pump Engineer, Edelstahl Aktuell, Armaturen Welt, Pumpen Aktuell, Stainless Steel World Asia Journal and Valve World Americas Journal.

We collect data on valves, corrosion-resistant alloys (CRA’s) and pumps on a global scale. The data are collected for the “community” of valve, CRA, pump professionals and specialists in the process industry and disseminated through different media channels: Online, Print, Events and Research.










KCI focuses on the process industries worldwide, covering many areas such as chemical, offshore, onshore, (nuclear) power generation, food and beverage, pharmacutical, oil & gas, petrochemical, pulp & paper and marine applications. It has established widely recognised brands.


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