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We collect data and information on valves, corrosion resistant alloys (CRA's) and pumps on a global scale

Thijs Elshof
CEO KCI Group of Companies

Our business is delivering the media resources you need


The KCI publishing model is completely different to traditional publishing companies. First we collect data and information and convert that into valuable and applicable knowledge.

Significantly though, and quite unlike other publishers, we do not simply “push” this information into the market. Our editors are constantly in touch with industry professionals, asking them what their information needs are.

This means we can selectively disseminate knowledge to targeted professional communities, using the most appropriate of our four publishing channels: Print, Events, Online and Research.


KCI focuses on the world’s core process industries, such as chemicals, offshore, onshore, power generation, food & beverage, pharmaceutical, oil & gas, petrochemical, pulp & paper, marine applications, etc.


Widely recognised global and regional brands include publications on valves (Valve World, Valve World Americas, Armaturen Welt, Valve World Asia), stainless steels (Stainless Steel World, Stainless Steel World Americas, Edelstahl Aktuell) and pumps (Pump World, Pumpen Aktuell). The growing KCI portfolio now includes titles such as Managing Aging Plants, 3D fab+print, Hoses & Couplings, etc.


Media and markets are developing faster than ever. That’s why KCI is closely monitoring trends and anticipating new opportunities to connect our clients to their prospective customers. Our lean and mean organisation enables us to deliver a fast and flexible response to changing communication needs, both globally and regionally. Promoting our customers’ success is what drives us.

Interview Thijs Elshof

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