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print overviewDespite the online revolution in recent years, printed media still has a firm place in our industries. KCI therefore publishes trade magazines (technical and in-depth information), newspapers (market news and business information), special publications and industrial reports.

The print portfolio includes global publications in English like Valve World Magazine, Pump Engineer Magazine and Stainless Steel World Magazine.


Valve WorldValve World Magazine (established in 1996) is a leading international magazine for the valve industry. Distributed all over the world, it reports 11 times a year on the latest trends and backgrounds on valves, actuators and associated products. The editorial content strongly focuses on end-user experiences and practical applications. Apart from technical articles on valve design or sealing technology, other topical issues such as maintenance & repair, high temperature/high pressure application, abrasive service and international standardisation are also covered. Throughout the year the editorial programme furthermore contains special issues on topics like power generation, the oil and gas industry, the chemical process industry, emission control, actuation, control and smart valves, waste and wastewater, materials and manufacturing, refining, LNG, offshore/onshore and severe service.

Sister publications

Armaturen Welt, Flow Control Jahrbuch, Valve World Americas Journal, Valve World Asia magazine, Valve World India journal, Valve World Annual Procurement Report, Flow Control Yearbook Asia, Valve World Buyers’Guide+Online


Stainless Steel WorldStainless Steel World Magazine (established in 1989) is a leading international magazine on stainless steels and corrosion resistant alloys. Published ten times per year, the editorial content strongly focuses on end user experiences and practical applications. Every issue contains technical articles, interviews and project reports from a variety of industries. Moreover, the editorial programme has special issues on topics like 200 and 300 series, pipes and fittings, offshore, the chemical industry, energy & renewables, the oil and gas industry, shipbuilding, titanium and exotics, nickel alloys, welding & consumables and duplex (inclusive lean and super).

Sister publications

Edelstahl Aktuell, Stainless Steel World Americas Journal, Stainless Steel World Procurement Report, Stainless Steel World Buyers’Guide+Online


Pump EngineerPump Engineer Magazine (established in 2003) is a leading international magazine on pumps and associated products. With 6 issues per year, it covers a wide range of topics – from pump fabrication to pump operations and maintenance in diverse global industries. The feature article of each issue is on changing topics like oil & gas, chemical industry, waste & waste water, sealing technology, solids & slurries and power generation.

Hose & Coupling World

Hose & Coupling World magazine (established in 2015) is an international magazine focused on industrial hoses, couplings and associated products. Currently publishing 6 issues per year, the magazine aims at providing the latest news, insights, innovations and networking opportunities for manufacturers, distributors, EPC (engineering, procurement and construction) contractors and end users. With particular focus on offshore oil & gas, energy, chemical, pharmaceutical, agriculture and aerospace, the goal of the magazine is to build a global community of industrial hose and coupling producers, movers and users.

Here is a list of our print portfolio.

Magazines, newspapers, special publications, industrial reports