About KCI

KCI is a privately owned, independent, media and information company with a strong focus on technology. We have offices in The Netherlands, Germany, China, Canada and Singapore. We specialize in delivering technology information for a variety of world-wide industries, such as steel, oil, gas, refining, chemicals, hydrogen, power generation, desalination, food & beverage, etc.

It is our purpose to connect business-to-business professionals by building and sustaining global communities interested in technology and energy transition topics so that our customers can benefit worldwide from our online and print media as well as our conferences, exhibitions and training courses.

KCI - Good Company - Why?

KCI has a strong own culture of a connected community, informal relations amongst all staff, respect for individual needs and maximum space for own initiatives, personal development and taking responsibility.

We like to see ourselves as a family hence our cell structure with decentralised responsibilities, a flat hierarchy and no bureaucracy. This facilitates quick decision-taking and maximizes flexibility when responding to market changes and client needs. This is also reflected in the way we manage the five different offices worldwide with empowered local staff and management. Looking back with pride on our steady and consistent expansion since 1989, we are confident that KCI is well positioned to further grow both in terms of quantity and quality.



Ladan Pourtork

Director KCI Southeast Asia

Email: l.pourtork@kci-world.com
Tel: +31 575 585 292

Liu Zhi (Rainie)

Liu Zhi (Rainie)

Director KCI China

Email: z.liu@kci-world.com

Tel: +86 21 6351 9609*604

Sarah Bradley

Sarah Bradley

General Manager KCI Canada

Email: s.bradley@kci-world.com
Tel: +1 416 361 7030


Simon Neffelt

Director KCI Germany

Email: s.neffelt@kci-world.com
Tel: +49 2821 71145 44


Elisa Hannan

Group Director – KCI Media Group

Email: e.hannan@kci-world.com
Tel: +31 575 585 291

Thijs Elshof

Thijs Elshof

Group Director – KCI Media Group

Email: t.elshof@kci-world.com
Tel: +31 575 585 290

Nicole Nagel

CEO – KCI Media Group

Email: n.nagel@kci-world.com
Tel: +49 2821 71145 55

Lars van Pomp

Lars van Pomp

Group Director – KCI Media Group

Email: l.v.pomp@kci-world.com
Tel: +31 26 205 1515