KCI publishes a range of B2B trade magazines and journals, distributed to our readers in traditional print and also in digital formats. The content of our media is a mix of technical articles, end-user interviews, news, human interest and company updates. We place particular emphasis on our end-user content as we strongly believe in bridging gaps between manufacturers and users. The publications portfolio consists of 12 distinct titles, published in several different languages for both global and local audiences.

Our brands are backed by websites and newsupdates. The websites feature weekly updated feature articles on technology and companies, as well as the latest industry news and event updates. The newsupdates are email newsletters with the latest industry news, pushed into your mailbox on a weekly or bi-weekly schedule. In the past decade KCI has built a considerable social media presence for each of its individual brands. On platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, Xing and Youtube we have collected tens of thousands of active followers, offering attractive digital striking power to communicate with the market.

If you have any questions on our publications or wish to contribute with your content, please feel free to contact us.

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