Our Mission

To be a leading knowledge, communication and information company connecting business-to-business professionals by building global communities. With the aim of solving their information needs and helping them and ourselves to contribute to a sustainable world. So always in “Good Company”.

Our Vision

We will help to make the world a better place and we promise to be a "Good Company" for people and the planet based on our values:

we are authentic and genuine
we are trustworthy
we are modest
we are inclusive and multi-cultural
we are conscious
we are open and honest
we care
we work with love and compassion
KCI mission

Our Focus

The urgent need to take better care of our planet has made us think about making our company more resilient in terms of markets and activities. We actively contribute to changing the energy landscape and have taken the first steps in the energy transition markets, making us less focused on the traditional fossil fuel markets.

The energy transition portfolio consists of Hydrogen Tech World, Green Steel World and Carbon Capture World. Our aim is to further expand this portfolio in the coming years.


Furthermore the media landscape has also significantly changed with rapid growth for digital media and online communities. We will expand our efforts to grow online readerships and online communities.


Singapore will be our hub for events in South East Asia. With several events already being planned we will be expanding our communities and activate audiences in the Asia-Pacific region.
Hydrogen Tech World cover
Cover Green Steel World