KCI Cookie Policy

KCI Media Group BV. (“KCI” or “we”) wants to ensure that your visit to our website is smooth, reliable and as useful to you as possible. To help us do this, we use cookies to make our website relevant to your interests and needs.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files that are automatically placed on your computer, tablet, mobile device or device connected to your computer when you visit our website(s). They are stored by your internet browser and may contain basic information about your device or internet use. Your browser sends these cookies back to our website every time you revisit it, so we can recognize your computer or mobile device and personalize and improve your browsing experience.

First party and third party cookies

A first distinction is made between first-party and third-party cookies. First-party cookies are cookies that are placed and read by the party of the website that you visit. When you visit this page, for instance, the cookies of are first-party cookies. Third-party cookies are cookies placed by a party other than the one you are visiting, such as cookies of certain social networks.


What type of cookies do we use?

Another distinction is made between different categories of cookies. KCI uses:

  • Functional cookies
  • Analytic cookies
  • Advertising, marketing and social media cookies

1) Functional cookies:

Functional cookies are necessary for the proper functioning of our website, app or account to function (such as cookies that are needed to remember a login) and to help you access and move around our site and use all its features. We also use functional cookies, for example to remember your language preferences to save you the trouble of having to change these every time you enter our website. Without these cookies, our website would not work properly and you would not be able to use certain important features. We use the following functional cookies


2) Analytic cookies

We use cookies to help us understand how visitors arrived at our website, how and how long they use it and how we can improve their experience. This type of so-called “analytics” cookies can provide us with information to help us understand which parts of our website interest our visitors and if they experience any errors. We use these cookies to test different designs and features for our sites and we also use them to help us monitor how our visitors reach our sites. We use the following Analytical cookies


We use Google Analytics 4 to place and read cookies for the abovementioned use. Google Analytics 4 doesn’t log or save your IP-adress or other personal data so your privacy is protected.


3) Advertising, marketing and social media cookies

We only place advertising, marketing and social media cookies if you have given us your consent to do this.

Advertisement and marketing cookies collect information about your browsing habits in order to make our content and advertising as relevant to you and your interests as possible. These cookies are also used to help us measure the effectiveness of our advertising campaigns by tracking the number of clicks. The cookies are usually placed by third party advertising networks. They remember the websites you visit and use this information to give you access to interesting and exciting content on our website and to show you more personalized adverts when you visit other websites. These cookies also help improve your browsing experience, for example by helping to prevent the same advertisement from reappearing to you.


Additionally, social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter can use cookies to see if you are logged in and allow you to “like” content or forward it to your friends. Depending on your settings, these third parties may use your information for their own purposes, such as advertising. If you would like to know more how these social media platforms use data, please refer to the privacy notices of these platforms. We use the following advertising, marketing and social media cookies

Third party cookies

It is possible that third parties (such as social networks) place and use cookies on our website without our knowledge. Since we do not have control over these third parties, we cannot inform you about what cookies are placed and read by such third parties. We have included as many as possible references to the conditions of those third parties. We strongly advise you to read those conditions and to regularly check for amendments. We also draw your attention to the possibility to manage your advertising preferences with regard to cookies of advertisers and to the possibility of controlling what cookies may be saved on your device (see also below “Managing your cookie settings and deleting cookies”).

Managing your cookie settings and deleting cookies

As explained above, we only place advertising and targeting cookies (including tracking cookies) after you have given us your consent for doing this.


You can also enable or disable (types of) cookies that are saved on your device via your browsing settings. For example, you can change the settings of your computer or mobile device in such a way that you do not receive cookies when visiting our website, or you can have the browser notify you when you receive a new cookie, delete individual cookies or delete all cookies. Most advertising networks offer you a way to opt out of advertising cookies. Please note that, if you choose to block or delete KCI’s cookies, it is possible that you can no longer use all the possibilities of our websites or app and that your access to some functionality and areas of our website may be degraded or restricted. Information on how to deactivate or delete cookies per browser can be found at (for example):

  • Chrome;
  • Firefox;
  • Internet Explorer;

Because the placing and reading of non-functional cookies (tracking cookies in particular) is regarded as personal data processing, the provisions of our Privacy Policy also apply.


We may unilaterally amend this Cookie Policy. We therefore advise you to regularly check this policy for changes. We will inform you if we make any major changes, for instance by means of a notification on our website or apps, by e-mail, or by requesting your consent again.

Further information about our use of data

You can find more information about the way we handle personal data in our Privacy Policy.


If you have any questions or if you need help, please feel free to contact our Privacy Officer.